Kristopher Larsen

Dream Big.









Democratic candidate for Colorado's 2nd Congressional District

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Why Me?

What makes a scientist want to move away from the lab, get involved in politics, and run for office? 

For me it was a culmination of many things. Growing up in Boulder, I was exposed to the power of progressive ideas from the beginning. My parents exposed me to as much of the world as they could and instilled in me the importance of giving back. Protesting the invasion of Iraq while in graduate school strengthened my conviction that scientists have a responsibility to participate at every level of government. This belief led me to become the Mayor of Nederland, Colorado where I've been able to act upon these convictions and fight for wage equality for town employees and against the accelerating effects of climate change. 

Now those convictions have led me to ask for your support as I champion a truly progressive agenda in Congress. 

Though there are any number of issues that we face, four of my priorities are (see my Issues page for more details): 

01. Climate Change

Climate change is not a hoax, it is happening. We are causing it through our continued reliance on fossil fuels. The time is now to aggressively lead the way to a sustainable future.

02. Healthcare

It is disgraceful that our country chooses not to provide comprehensive health care for our citizens. We must adopt single-payer universal healthcare that includes dental and mental health coverage.  

03. Public lands

Our public lands, 65% of our district, must be preserved for all of us including the wildlife, not just a few well connected industries. They should be protected for all and managed to increase biodiversity and ensure the health of our forests. 

04. Democracy

The core of our democracy is in danger. Citizens United must be overturned, the money that drives politics today removed from the equation, and our basic right to fair and free elections defended.